Ribbons of green for our families, our community and the environment.


Whether you hike, bike, stroll or roll, you'll do so with less traffic and more scenery on a greenway. These "linear parks" offer a pleasurable alternative to busy streets and noisy sidewalks. You can follow a creek or circle a lake. You can breathe deeply, chat with a friend, or play tag with a butterfly. Greenways offer an outing the whole family can enjoy.

WS Greenways is a citizen advocacy group working to get more people onto the greenways found throughout Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. We offer this website to help you have a more enjoyable experience on the trail.

We are also dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the greenways of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. Our goal is a network of trails connecting destinations for work, play, school, shopping and more. Please join us in our efforts to make our community greener and more pedestrian-friendly.




Get up to speed on the status of current greenway projects in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, from the ambitious Piedmont Regional Greenway to short neighborhood connectors along Muddy Creek. Our Greenway Progress Report is here.

Ever find a fallen tree blocking your ride or stroll on a greenway? Now you can report any maintenance or safety issue directly and immediately through a new City Link mobile app. Details here.

The NC League of Municipalities’ 25-item wish list for the new legislative session includes a call for statewide standards specifically for greenways. We at WS Greenways are gratified to see this, since we recently added state standards to our own list of concerns. Currently, NCDOT requires all greenways to be built to the same specifications as a road, which we believe adds unnecessary cost and complication to design and construction. Representatives of more than a hundred N.C. municipalities narrowed NCLM's list of priorities down from 169 suggestions--and greenways made the cut. The group has its own professional lobbying staff and a statewide network. WS Greenways is committed to assisting NCLM however we can. Stay tuned for further developments.

In your pocket: The City of Winston-Salem has a handy new brochure featuring improved maps of all the greenways. You can see it online here. To order free copies contact Emerald Bowman here, or at 336.734.1221.

SHOW OFF: Let the world (or at least the city council) know that you support Winston-Salem’s Greenways by wearing one of our stylish and comfortable WS Greenways logo t-shirts. And don’t you have a brother-in-law with a birthday coming up? Get shopping here.

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